Praise for the 5 Worlds series

THE RED MAZE: "It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of this graphic novel series, and this third installment definitely lived up to expectations!"
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"...5 Worlds continues to be a strong contender for my favorite young adult fantasy graphic novel. 
The otherworldly conflict manages to combine cautionary tales with myth and legend without feeling preachy. The protagonists suffer, grow, and challenge the systems while trying to battle an ancient evil that literally mimics the worst of our world. The art is vibrant, colorful, and unique and the characters are realistically flawed and fun in equal measure. The wait for volume 4 is going to be agonizing."
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Here's something to share with every creative 10 year old in the world: YAYOMG! has a special behind-the-scenes feature on how the 5 WORLDS series is made.
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THE RED MAZE: "...mind-blowingly immersive. ...thought-provokingly urgent. ... Each page is truly a feast for the eyes..." 
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THE RED MAZE: "In their continuing quest to kindle the giant beacons that will save their worlds from eco-catastrophe, sand dancer Oona Lee and friends travel to Moon Yatta, an industrialized superpower that is being taken over by a corrupt demagogue. Following the pattern of earlier episodes, Oona, An Tzu, and Jax Amboy travel to another distinctive world inhabited by a polychrome array of residents both humanoid and far otherwise. Though significant portions of the information-filled endpapers are covered by jacket flaps, the interior panels depict fully realized settings ranging from inner-city neighborhoods to remote desert, and they lay out a complex tapestry of local practices, politics, and values…many of which come into play as election day approaches. One candidate in particular, tycoon Stan Moon (eerily depicted as a white human above the waist, a writhing tangle of tentacles below), whips up fears of both foreigners and a reviled minority group of shape-changers. To accomplish her mission Oona must penetrate the well-defended jungle of power stations that have grown up to feed off the beacon while staying out of Moon's clutches. Oona, with her bright blue skin and joyful dancing, again lights up the pages as new allies, some with conflicts or agendas of their own, join the notably diverse cast on the way to a tense, explosive climax. More dazzling exploits in an exotic (though in this case somehow familiar) locale. (appendix of sample and fan art) (Graphic science fiction. 10-13)."
— Kirkus Reviews 
Oona, An Tzu, and Jax Amboy, now in their third adventure, have landed on Moon Yatta to light the red beacon. Stories of Moon Yatta’s bounty and promise have reached every corner of their universe, but when they arrive, they find something very different: corporations have tapped the planet’s beacon as a power source, Moon Yatta’s people are forced to inhibit their infamous shapeshifting abilities, and greed runs rampant among Moon Yatta’s most powerful people. Yes, the Mimic is here, too, but so is a notorious sand dancer, Zelle, who helps Oona develop her skills. As in other series entries, sumptuous colors, intricate shapes, and pleasantly varied character designs make for an engrossing visual experience. Though this volume has enough moving parts that some plot points don’t get as much breathing room, the creators do a great job of tying up some loose threads while leaving others tantalizingly hanging. Nicely paced and with moving character growth, this installment, bearing an unsettling resemblance to our own current political climate, carries the sci-fi quest along compellingly. — Sarah Hunter

"Oona’s quest is perfect for young readers: she travels from planet to planet, lighting the way for a kinder, more inclusive future. You can keep your superheroes; she’s just the hero that we need right now."
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"Beautiful art and whimsical worlds for the reader to enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here." 
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"The art is sublime as I expected it to be. The Cobalt Prince is a rollicking ride for those who like high fantasy. I think teachers and parents will find this series a wonderful introduction to fantasy for reluctant readers. Definitely recommended.
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